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Sibyll Trelawney

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Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
10:03 pm
What a Splendid start to the Month! I have just this Moment returned to my Flat following my first day as a Hogwarts Professor! I must begin planning my Lessons as I have only Recently come by my Position, so I haven't Time for a full Post. The Feast and the Sorting were Lovely; I must Confess to having always Desired to sit at the High Table for them! I am very Excited about sharing my Love of Divination with the Students!

Alice, where are you? I wanted to Tell you after we got Certain parts of your Life sorted (I'd Wink at you if I could see you!), but I haven't Heard from you to do either. I haven't had Time to go to the Post Office to owl you, so I Hope you see this!

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Friday, August 27th, 2004
4:50 pm
I Know I haven't been about lately, as I have been Looking for a Job! It's quite Trying since my Rent is overdue. It also Seems that there is little available unless one Desires to work in a Shop! Not to imply that there's anything Negative about working in a Shop, I just don't Think that it's for me. But if I don't Find something soon, a Shop is where I'll be!

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Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
1:20 am
I don't really have much to Say but I feel as though I must Say something because if I am simply Silent then don't I look the Fool? I had a Wonderful time Sunday, Alice. I'm so glad that what I Suspected is actually True. I will have to do a Reading for you at some point in the Future. For the both of you. But Only for the both of you. No other Readings for me, no Sir. I am oddly Curious, but more than one person has Warned me to Stay Away. Frank, how did things turn out after your Altercation at the Hog's Head? The Rumour Mill has supplied me with nothing New. I do hope you Consulted a Healer. I'm Visiting Cheddar next weekend for my Mum's Birthday. She'll be 50. I'm going to Try my hand at a Chocolate Cake. I've never...

Mmmmm... Sleeping Draught taking effect... G'night.

current mood: flustered

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Sunday, August 8th, 2004
10:47 pm - Diggle! I cannot Believe you got me Interested in all this...
Oh dear, I had nearly Forgotten all about these Journals! I suppose I have been a bit Preoccupied. I have been doing a great deal of Research about a Topic that I had never much cared for before: Muggles. More specifically, their Methods of Divination. I knew that they had Fortune Tellers and the like, but I wasn’t Aware of how much Faith they used to place in their Sadly Misinformed ideas on the Subject. However, it is all very Fascinating!

I had been Complaining a week or so ago about Divination not Relating to Current Events as much as other people’s Specialties seemed to. Of course my Neighbour is terribly Intelligent and Knows all sorts of things about Muggles and Politics and really just about everything anyone could Wonder about. I went over for some Tea later that evening and he told me some Intriguing things! He asked me to bring my Palmistry Model with me, which of course I did. Here’s a Photograph of it:

Most of you have probably seen one during the course of your Magical Education, but I am only Including it for Reference. You see, Diggle had his own Model in the Parlour: a Head!

It looks quite a bit Similar, no? Its Purpose is also Similar: Almost a Century ago Muggles used it as a Map of the of various bumps and ridges on the Skull. The placement of these was meant to Unveil Information about a person’s temperament. It’s a Muggle form a Divination and they called it Phrenology! Of course since it has no basis in Magic it’s fairly Useless, but Diggle came across the Skull in his Work and he wanted to Learn all he could about it. I can’t say that I blame him! Truly Interesting…

From Speaking with my Neighbour and from subsequent Research on my own, I have Learned several things about Phrenology. It seems that, in the absence of Magic, Muggles look towards Science to Explain their world. Therefore, even though Phrenology is clearly a Faulty form of Divination (Magic), they Think of it as Science. They even have Scientific Explanations for the bumps and ridges of the Skull! Diggle said that just as the Worldview of most Witches and Wizards is coloured by Magic, that of Muggles is coloured by Science. In the same way we Explain away the differences among us using Magic, Muggles use Science. We have our version of Blood Purity, and they have theirs…

Oh! I’m afraid I’m not making much Sense! Muggles used to use Phrenology to justify the Superiority of certain Races over others. Those who were Superior possessed a certain Skull shape and thus a larger Brain and thus a greater Intelligence. Those who were Different were judged to be less Intelligent and thus Inferior. In the Wizarding World, according to Diggle, it is much the same. We equate Science with Magic and we arrive at nearly the same Conclusions. Those who possess the Traits we have deemed Superior (Magical Blood, instead of the Blood of a particular Race) justify their own Superiority by Attesting to the Inferiority of those lacking in a certain type of Blood. Though we have Developed separately, we have Developed similarly… It’s really Fascinating. Diggle should be a Professor of Muggle Studies! (He'd say otherwise if he could Read this. He's rather Modest!)

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Monday, July 26th, 2004
3:18 pm - Books!
How very lovely! It's so Nice to see people discussing Books and Research in their Entries. I've quite a Library of my own in my Flat now that my belongings are out of storage, and you are all quite Welcome to stop by and have a look!

It's also quite Fascinating the way that your Topics (Nietzsche, Grindelwald) seem to Relate back to the current war. I was Complaining to my Neighbour that this doesn't seem to be the case with Divination! Oh sure, I could tell you who the Stars favour at present or what is in the Cards, but such things Change from moment to moment. He just laughed a bit and told me to wait and see. Imagine, saying that to a Seer! It's what we do! We See, then we wait and see... I think he meant Tonight, however, because he is coming over and says he has something to Show me.

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Sunday, July 18th, 2004
2:47 am - SHERRRY!
I've never had it before! Wonderful Drink! Wonderful evening! Thanks ever so much Ted, for Introducing me to it it to me me to it!

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Sunday, July 11th, 2004
7:27 pm
A Death Eater?

current mood: confused

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Thursday, July 8th, 2004
5:34 pm - A Reading.
All is well here in Cheddar, though I am Excited to say I will not be living here for much longer! My mum is rather Upset that I'll be moving quite so far away right after I've come Home, but she will have to be content that I am at least in the UK. I've found a Charming flat in Hogsmede, just round the bend from Honeydukes. It's a bit on the Small side, but what does it matter? I'm used to Travel so I do not have an overabundance of possessions. Besides, I've always wanted to live in a Wizarding town. Cheddar's Magical population is on the small side; why, we own the only Magical Shop for miles! And it's just a General Store...rather tiny really. I look forward to being within reach of the best We have to offer without the hassle of Apparating or the Floo. Yes, I realize the best is truly to be had in Diagon Alley, but all the flats that were being let there were rather Shoddy. Hogsmede is a bit isolated, but still quite good overall.

When I am settled, I will have to commence looking for Employment. In the meantime, I do like to keep myself and my Decks in top form. Since no one has approached me for a Reading, I've taken the Liberty of performing one for Ms Bellatrix Black; a most Intriguing and Curious personage. And such a Poet! Hopefully she will see it here.

I do not know much about Ms Black, so I did a rather simple Spread for her. I merely asked about her Past, Present, and Future. For the Past, I drew the Eight of Pentacles.


This was not the most illuminating Card I could have drawn to learn about Ms Black's Past, as it did not inform me much of her Personality or Circumstances. It did, however, tell me that she has taken time to learn new Skills and has used her Cunning to create Opportunities for herself. These she will soon reap the Benefit of. For the Present, I drew the Magician.


The Magician tells me that Ms Black has not yet stopped Learning the tools of her Trade. She takes great Interest in her Career path and is gaining the self-control to Accomplish what needs to be Accomplished. The Bibliophile in me rejoices at this Card. For the Future, I drew the Five of Cups.


Unfortunately, the Five of Cups say that Ms Black's Future is not entirely one of happiness. There will be a Negative period when--following the Breakup of an important Partnership--she may have to fend off Depression and other Negative feelings. The Cards do not say whether or not she will Suceed, but my Hopes for her are great.

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Monday, July 5th, 2004
5:21 pm - Flat Hunting
Well, it's not yet dark and I'm already Exhausted! This is Unfortunate, as I was planning on Stargazing tonight. It is supposed to be quite clear, at least according to my father. Likely this means Storms, so perhaps it's for the best that I plan to turn in early.

I've been to several Flats today. They were all a bit, well, Dodgy really. You wouldn't believe the Illusion Charms people cast when they have Flats to let! And such Outrageous rents... I'm begining to think that living in a Muggle neighborhood might not be so Terrible. At least with them, what you see is what you get. Then again, living in a Muggle neighborhood also means living with Muggles.

On a Happier note, I did purchase a new Tarot Deck. I shall have to test it out this Evening!

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Sunday, July 4th, 2004
11:27 pm - Hello!
It's taken me long enough, but I do Believe I've figured these journals out! I didn't think I Knew anyone else who owned one, but it seems there are several of you I remember from Hogwarts.

At the moment, I am staying with my Family in Cheddar. Since leaving School I did a bit of Traveling, but my mum wanted me to be closer to Home. Reading the Daily Prophet, I can certainly understand why! In the East, one is isolated from such events. I tend to do Readings on more mundane things for people I've met; I had no Idea things had gotten so Dreadful here.

And so I've done my bit to soothe my mum's mind by returning to England, but I must confess I'll soon go Batty if I stay in the flat much longer! It's rather dull here, and my Cards haven't been showing me a thing lately. I think Tomorrow I will have to start hunting for a flat of my own, as well as a better Deck of Cards.

Since I know many people can Read this, (I wonder if anyone Famous has one of these journals?) does anyone know of someone with flats to let? Or even if you do not and would simply like a Reading done, don't hesitate to be in touch! Anything to break the Tedium is always welcome.

current mood: hopeful

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